Professional Cleaners

Last weekend kicked off with a “clean” start.  At 8:30am on Saturday, 2 women from Maggy Maid came to our apartment to help us clean our kitchen and bathrooms for 2 hours.  As soon as they walked in, they got to work right away.  Two hours later, the kitchen and bathrooms were sparkling.

When I first moved into this apartment in January 2011, there were two other girls living here already.  They were complete slobs.  The living room looked like a storage/dump site hybrid and the kitchen sink was piled high with dirty dishes.  It once got so bad you could smell the bits of leftover food rotting.  But the apartment itself was really nice and it had everything I wanted (parking, my own room, female roommates in their 20s, good location/neighborhood, etc.) for a really good price.  So I signed the lease.

By summer, the two girls had moved out and I found two new girls to replace them.  They were much cleaner (sometimes even cleaner than I am!) so the apartment looked nicer and cleaner as time went on.  But the areas that always looked dirty no matter how much we tried to clean them were the kitchen and bathrooms.  Our apartment hasn’t been professionally cleaned for at least 5 years because there hasn’t been an occasion where all the tenants moved out at the same time (which would pressure the landlord to deep clean the place for prospect tenants).  So for the last 2 years, my current roommates and I have been living with filth that none of us created.  It was sticky, dusty, rusty and moldy.  We decided it was time to bite the bullet and hire a professional.

And I’m so glad we did!  They cleaned things we thought were impossible and they really covered every nook and cranny.  Take our stove top for example:

Before (and this is after numerous attempts of cleaning with Easy-Off, magic erasers, etc.):






Amazing, right?!

The cost of their services was a bit pricey ($120 + $20 tip) but it was worth every penny.

Have you ever paid for professional cleaning services?  Did you think it was worth it?


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