Storing Memories

As a very sentimental person, I like to keep a lot of things that are associated with an event or a specific season of my life that I consider significant.  For instance I still have the name badges I wore to MUN conferences back in high school, the halo that I got when I rushed for my sorority during my freshman year of college, and just about every single letter that anyone has ever written me.  I know I sound a bit like a hoarder but I’m really not.  In fact, you’d never guess how much stuff I keep from the past just by looking at my room/closet/drawers because I keep it all methodically stored and organized.

Up until recently, I’ve always stored my “memories” in either hanging files:

hanging file

or rubbermaid boxes:

rubbermaid box

Even though everything was organized, it never felt organized nor was it aesthetically pleasing.  I’ve toyed with the idea of making a scrapbook for each event instead.  But that would be extremely time-consuming and expensive.  Plus, it wouldn’t hold three-dimensional items like stuffed animals, pins, etc.

Another idea I considered was using pretty boxes that I’d find randomly at Ross, Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc.  But then I realized that those kinds of boxes look best when they’re by themselves.  Collectively, it still wouldn’t look organized.

The best solution I found was storing my memories in one of two solid-colored boxes for a streamlined look (that turned out to be pretty too!).  I use the Martha Stewart Document Storage Boxes in blue for events that don’t have many items (like stuff from the summer programs I did in high school).

Martha Stewart boxjpg

And I use the Kassett Box from Ikea for events that have many items (like stuff from my sorority days).

Ikea box

I transferred some items into these boxes over the weekend and was very pleased with the result!  I didn’t take a picture of the final product because I keep these boxes on the top shelf of my closet so the lack of natural light means the picture wouldn’t do it much justice. 

Do you keep a lot of memories?  How do you store them?


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