Things I Should Never Buy

There are a couple of items that I should never buy unless there is an exceptional reason because 1) I already have so many of them and 2) more importantly, having more of them (in quantity or variety) will not make me any more happy.  (Unlike dresses or shoes, which buying more of often does make me happy.)

These items include:

1)  Pens


As a big fan of office supplies and a former pretty gel-pen collector, I have a lot of pens.  A LOT.  Some of them I bought.  Some of them I got for free at an event of some sort.  Some of them I received as a gift.  And some of them just magically appeared.  The amount of pens I have could probably last me a decade.  Maybe even a lifetime considering I don’t hand-write very much these days.  So there is definitely no point in me buying another pen.  Ever.  My favorite pens tend to be the ones I get for free anyway.

2)  Nail Polish

nail polish

Most of the nail polish I own were bought or received as a gift during my undergrad days when I used to paint my nails almost every other week.  Now I only repaint my toes once a month at most and I haven’t painted my fingers in years!  I already have way more nail polish than I need (maybe over 20 bottles?) and I stick to the same colors over and over again (pink, lavender and red) so I don’t need a large variety.

3)  Eyeshadow


I recently finished an eyeshadow palette that I received as a gift 8 years ago.  I know, I know…that thing probably expired 6 years ago.  The palette was the size of a half-dollar and it only had 2 colors.  Even though it was the only eyeshadow I used, it took me so long to finish it because, up until recently, I didn’t wear make-up very often.  Since I get sample-sized eyeshadow from Clinique once or twice a year when I buy my favorite face cream (Clinique has awesome gift with purchase sets!), I have more eyeshadow palettes than I can ever finish using.  In fact, I’ve collected so many samples-sized palettes over the last 10 years that I started giving them away freely to friends.

I’m sure there are plenty more things that I won’t ever need to buy any more of but these are definitely my top three!


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