Things I’d Want to Start Spending Money On

Summer has been a productive season for me so far.  I’m almost done scanning all of the papers from my finance classes.  I’ve given away several miscellaneous items that were sitting around my apartment and my mom’s house collecting dust.  And this past weekend I went through all the linens that have been resting on the top shelf of my mom’s closet for years (we ended up donating 3 trash bags full!).

All this purging and simplifying has gotten me to think – with all the money I save from not buying excess clothes, shoes, accessories, lotions and potions, etc. is there anything that I’d want to start spending some money on?


1)  Massages


Back massages in particular to help with all the aches and pains I feel on my upper-back.

2)  Juicing


Not necessarily as a cleanse but as something that will help me meet my daily veggie intake.  I’m sure the expensive green juice from Pressed Juicery is way healthier and more effective than Green Machine from Naked or Very Green from Trader Joe’s, which are the brands I drink now.

3)  Regular Trims


The hair stylist that I’ve been going to since college charges $45 per trim, which isn’t bad considering how good of a job she does.  But at that rate, I’m a little reluctant get my hair trimmed more than twice a year even though my porous strands probably need to be trimmed at least once a quarter.  Once in a while I’ll get so annoyed with my dry/damaged/split ends that I’ll just go to the cheap Chinese salon down my street to get the job done for less than half the price.  I always regret it afterwards!  So it’d be nice to get my hair trimmed at my favorite salon more regularly.

4)  Groupon/Living Social Activities


These sites always have so many fun activities to try for a good price!

I guess the big picture is in addition to wanting to own less, I also want to experience more.

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