I Still Get Tempted

to buy cheap clothes I do not need even though I know better.

During my lunch break today, I walked over to the mall with no real purpose except to get some exercise and soak up some vitamin D.  As I approached the H&M store and saw the big red and white “SALE” signs splashed across the entrance, I thought to myself, “I could use some more work clothes.”

Fifteen minutes later I was waiting for a dressing room with 5 items in hand.  The unmoving line and the fact that I only had 30 minutes left before my lunch break was over (I still hadn’t eaten) forced me to give buying more clothes a second thought.  Do I really need more clothes?  Of course I don’t.  So I put everything back on the sales rack and left.

Even though I rarely ever need more clothes, I do have a limited amount of work pieces, especially ones that look truly professional (not just a top + black pants + cardigan).  In order to continue dressing for “the the job I want” like I have been doing more of lately, I will eventually need to add some more blazers, suits, business skirts, etc. to my wardrobe.  So when would be a good time to add more clothes without feeling guilty?

I’ve decided to approach purchasing new clothes with the same method I use for purchasing a few other items on my wishlist – I will set a related organizing/decluttering goal and once that goal has been achieved, I will make my purchase guilt-free.

For instance, I really want to buy the Chanel Baume:


But I already have a bunch of partly used lip balms and chapsticks (doesn’t every girl?!).  So to keep myself from adding another one to my collection, I’ve decided that before buying the Chanel Baume, I’m going to finish using all the ones I have first.

I also want to buy this folding bookcase for my loft:


Since extra furniture could potentially add clutter, I decided I wouldn’t buy it until I’ve organized all the paperwork I have at the apartment.

I’ve also been eyeing this photo scanner for the past few years:

41r1cbT7mPLBut I decided I wouldn’t buy it until I’ve organized all my digital photos first.

So for clothes, I will try not to buy any more until I’ve gone through all the clothes I have and decided which items will be kept, donated or sold.

My exceptions will be a good pair of skinny jeans (one of mine ripped a few weeks ago) and any good item that I find at Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  The stuff I find there are usually wayyy too good of a deal to pass up.  Luckily I only have time to stop by those stores once or twice a month max!


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