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{$5 roses I bought from Trader Joe's}
{$5 roses I bought from Trader Joe’s}

I’ve been on an organizing hiatus.

I think part of the reason is because I’m taking my 8th and final class for the CFP series (woohoo!) and unsurprisingly, the class demands a lot of my time.

The other reason is because I’ve hit a bit of an organizing plateau.  After a year and a half of reading as many organizing blogs, articles and books that I could get my hands on (and putting what I learned into practice), I think I’ve absorbed all I can on the subject for the time being.

But before this hiatus began, I was able to get a few more organizing projects done such as:

– relocating my shoes from underneath my bed to the coat closet and donating the pairs I no longer wore

– organizing the miscellaneous items in my storage console

– organizing the shelf next to my couch

– decorating the wall in front of my bed

I’m sure I’ll be motivated and inspired to tackle some more organizing projects again in the future.  But for now I just want to maintain the systems that I have in place and focus more of my time and energy on finishing up the CFP and learning more about my latest interests: cooking & eating habits.

I’ve been feeling quite motivated to expand my cooking abilities and to bring lunch to work more often.  A few weeks ago I baked my first salmon.  The final product tasted fishier than I preferred but the experience was thrilling!  I’m also reading the book Mindless Eating to help me better understand how plate size, culture, ambiance, music, packaging, etc. affect our eating habits.

Did you know that in America most people tend to eat until they’re full whereas in leaner countries, most people eat until they’re not hungry?

That tidbit alone has made me more conscious about eating until I get that stuffed/food coma/my stomach hurts cause I ate too much feeling.

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