File Folder Organization

For the past few years, I’ve kept all my current files in a pink box that James got me:



The box went from sitting on my desk, to underneath my desk, to inside my closet.  Even though the box was cute, something about it made me not use it all that often.  I don’t know if it was the lid or the fact that it was a little too compact and I couldn’t see or access each file easily.  Either way I found myself using it only once every few months, which meant that the files were constantly outdated and there would often be new piles of paper cluttering up my desk.

Courtney nailed it perfectly when she said on IHeart Organizing:

“…if a space that you recently organized seems to get messy quickly, it’s probably not the right system.”

After several years of having the same problem, storing my files in the pink box was probably not the right system for me.  So a few months ago, I started my hunt for a hanging wall file like this one:


Several search attempts later at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Ross, Marshalls, Amazon, Overstock and Cost Plus with no luck of finding a good hanging wall file that I liked (this came the closest but still wasn’t quite what I was looking for), I decided that maybe it was time to go with another approach.

Luckily, I remembered seeing this post a few months ago and thought it was such a cute and creative idea for storing file folders!

up~cycled dishrack ♥ Raising up Rubies

I took my unused dish rack from our kitchen cabinet and tested to see if my file folders would actually fit.  They fit perfectly :)!  After wiping down the dish rack and washing the utensil holder, I put all my files and pencils in and voilà!


Even though the hanging wall file would have saved me some space, I’m glad that went with the dish rack option because 1) I didn’t have to spend any money and 2) I was re-purposing something that wasn’t being used.

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