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Uncluttering & Organizing Routine

There are so many things I want to unclutter and organize that I have trouble deciding which task to take on each night.  The result (as you might have guessed) is most nights, I give up on trying to decide and end up watching one of my favorite shows (RHOBH, Girls, Modern Family, etc.) instead.

So when I came across this article yesterday, I saw the answer to my problem in this paragraph:

“Mondays are kitchen and dining room; Wednesdays are bedrooms; Thursdays are living rooms; Fridays are remaining spaces like hallways, entryways, and garages; and Sundays are meal planning.”

Of course!  I should take out the decision making progress and streamline my uncluttering and organizing routine so that precious willpower isn’t wasted on thoughts like: “Should I clean out my desk today?  Or upload some photos?  I’m really behind on uploading photos but my desk is getting really cluttered.  Why does uploading photos have to take so long?  Oh hey!  It’s Thursday!  The most recent episode of Modern Family is on Hulu!”.

Does anyone else experience this?

So my current uncluttering and organizing routine will be:

Mondays: clothes & shoes

Tuesdays: digital photos & files

Wednesdays: desk area & drawers

Thursdays: magazines & articles

Friday: take out trash/recyclables; dust room

Hopefully I’ll do better with this than I did with my daily themes idea.  Guess we’ll find out!


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