Suiting Up

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my goals for work is to dress more professionally.  I stopped by a local mall this past Tuesday to see if Forever 21 or H&M had some cute/inexpensive blazers.  I went to Forever 21 first (I generally prefer their stuff over H&Ms) but didn’t see any blazers that I liked.

So I went on over to H&M.  I found a grey suit that looked pretty good and they actually had my size in both blazer and pants (which is rare).  Both items were full-price but I figured it’d be worth the splurge since I only own one other blazer.

But as I was on my way to the cash register, something caught the corner of my eye – blazers in the sales section!  I ran over to see if they had any decent looking ones in my size and they did!  They actually had two!  One for $20 and the other for $15!!  I thought about buying those two and the grey suit but decided against it.  I knew I would never regret getting the 2 blazers on sale.  But buying that on top of a full-price suit would probably give me buyers remorse so the grey suit was left behind.  I’ll definitely be stopping by H&M more often to see if it ever goes on sale though.

Here are the two blazers:


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