Desk Upgrade

For the past 4 years, my desk looked like a variation of this:

Even though the desk and I shared some good times, there was always 2 things about it that I wasn’t too happy about:

1) No matter how much I organized it, it never felt organized.

2) There was never enough space to spread out all my study materials (laptop, textbooks, notebooks, etc.).

Around the beginning of summer, I started looking at other options.  The one I liked most was the Parsons Desk with Drawers from West Elm, which I first saw on Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Even though I really wanted this desk for months, I could never get myself to take the plunge and buy it because it was so expensive.  But when my birthday rolled around and my mom asked me what I wanted, I asked her if she was willing to buy it for me and she said yes!  As an added bonus, she offered to buy the little drawer that matched it.  It was a very generous offer but I told her to hold off on the drawer because I could probably find a similar one on Overstock for much cheaper.  And while I was browsing Overstock looking for a drawer, I came across this!:

Its almost the EXACT same desk for less than half the price!  The only difference (according to the reviews) is that it isn’t as shiny as the West Elm one.  Same looking desk with less shine for less than half the price… sounds like a good deal to me!  I asked my mom to buy me the desk on Overstock instead of West Elm for my birthday.  She was very happy and impressed with my find!  I decided to pass on the drawer because I have too many drawers in my room as it is.

So now my desk looks like this:

Ahhhh much better :).

I ended up selling my old desk for $20 less than I bought it for!  Yay!


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