a clear solution

I’ve been obsessed with corralling as of lately and every morning when I open this drawer to find my contacts:

I think to myself “this drawer desperately needs some corralling”.

And I knew exactly where to find the solution – Bed Bath & Beyond.  Bed Bath & Beyond has become one of my favorite stores to shop at.  Though I still prefer HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx for more unique finds, I like going to Bed Bath & Beyond when I want a more streamlined look.  One thing I’m sure to buy when I’m there are these clear trays that double as drawer dividers.  They come in various sizes and this past weekend I bought 3 small ones and transformed the drawer above to this:

Much better don’t you think?!  Not only does it look nicer, it also makes finding the correct contact easier and it frees up so much space!

If you have a drawer full of odds and ends, may I suggest corralling your items asap?  I promise the extra time is worth it!  Especially since you’ll cut down on the time you spend looking for things in the future.


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