A Small Kitchen Sink Upgrade

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to bring some sort of organization to my kitchen sink (both at home and at my apartment).  I don’t like how both sinks have a bunch of sponges laying around.  It just looks unsanitary:

So I finally went to Target a few weeks ago and purchased two of these for about $10/each.

They’re not the fanciest looking dispensers but they instantly tidy up the space!

If you struggle with the same problem, I highly recommend that you invest in a soap dispenser caddy!  They’re one of those little things that have a big impact.

The pictures above are from my apartment.  I didn’t take any pictures of the kitchen sink from my home-home.  The reason why the dish soap container in the “before” picture is empty is because I already emptied out the contents into the new dispenser before taking the shot.  I was going to pour the soap back but my roommates looked at me like I was a crazy woman so I didn’t.

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