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Our New Letter & Key Holder

Our apartment only came with one mailbox key and since I’m the one who holds onto it, I’m the one in charge of getting everyone’s mail.  For the last year or so, I’ve been leaving our mail on the kitchen counter like this:

And every day when I walk through the front door, I leave my keys at the foot of the stairs:

This always made our kitchen counter and stairway seem untidy.  I finally decided to do something about it and bought one of these:

I could have hung it up just the way it was.  But after reading a ton of IHeartOrganizing posts as of lately, I felt inspired to give it a more personal feel by creating labels with our names on it.  I created the labels (using our favorite colors as the borders) by following IHeartOrganizing’s label-making tutorial and then I laminated it with my new laminator.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result!

If you usually plop your mail on the kitchen counter or on your desk, I urge you to invest in a letter holder!  It saves spaces and it adds a hint of class (heh heh) to the room don’t you think?


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